Our busy lives have led many people to “Get Away” and leave behind their busy technologically connected lives to re-connect with the rugged wildness of our past. This has caused a boom in the number of homes in woodland settings, rural areas or remote mountain sites. While residents in these areas enjoy the beauty of the environment around them, they also face the very real danger of wildfires.

Droughts and dry conditions throughout various times of the year increase the risk for wildfires. Careless use of fire in highly wooded areas can also dramatically increase the chance of a wildfire, which can then quickly spread across trees and dry brush and threaten homes and businesses that are in vicinity.

Any type of wind even a gentle Summer breeze can turn brushfires that often begin unnoticed, into the dangerous and threatening Wildfires that consume hundreds of square miles in a matter of days. That’s when every second counts! Talk with members of your household about wildfires—how to prevent them and what to do if one occurs. When you have 10 minutes notice to leave your house and run to safety, you really need to have a plan and an emergency kit with a week’s worth of food that’s ready to go with you.