Survival Still by Glenn Meder

Think you are a top-notch Prepper?

Think water filtration is good in emergencies?

SurvivalStill Why Filters Fail

FEMA and The Red Cross DO NOT recommend Water Filtration during an Emergency.

Think about it. You need 1 Gallon per Day Per Person, and you’ll probably need to store enough to help out your neighbors too.

That’s a ton of water storage that takes up a lot of room even if you used MyFoodsStorage’s ship flat 5 Gallon Emergency Water Storage.

Storing 1,000s of gallons of water reminds me of all those people that lost power during SuperStorm Sandy. They all went out and bought emergency powered generators to power their homes for a few days. I remember that week or two before the storm. I was returning some supplies to Home Depot and a Very Anxious elderly Woman ran up to the Customer Service/Returns desk “I Need to Buy a generator TODAY!” Every Home Depot in 100+ mile radius of Philly was sold out of the portable generators. They only had the propane generators in certain stores only.

Turns out all the people who bought those Emergency Generators last minute never thought SuperStorm Sandy could or would disrupt the gasoline supply lines all around the NYC metro area. People who were relying on those generators never thought they’d go without power for more than 2-3 days, let along months later.

Same deal with storing water. Instead of storing 1000’s of gallons that you will eventually use up quicker than you think, with the Survival Still Water Distillation system you can have a steady supply of clean water without wasting space.

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