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How Do I Decide Which Emergency Food Kit to Buy?


We understand your frustration when it comes to deciding between all the types of emergency  food survival options? There are a lot of options to choose from and we can help.

How can we help you?

We’ve tasted some of the Emergency Food Kits ourselves and have written reviews letting you know which ones we like. Just because its Emergency Food, doesn’t mean it has to taste like John Glenn’s  freeze-dried Beef and Vegetable tube they display at the Smithsonian Institute. I remember trying that during a High School field trip and boy it sucked.

John Glenn's Beef and Vegetable tube space food



Some of the Emergency Food Suppliers produce their own food, while some co-brand the food supplies from a large manufacturer. To read more about our reviews click the link above and you’ll see which ones we’ve tasted so far.

Two of our favorite Emergency Food Supply companies are My Food StorageeFoods Direct, and Wise Food Storage.

The actual preparation for most Emergency Food Supplies is really easy and just requires hot water.


Here’s a quick video to show you how it works


Have you  run out of power before or live in an area prone to power outages? Whether your home is in a large city or country side, you’d be surprised how many people loose power at least once a year. Some of our friends moved to a  suburban location within afew miles of Philadelphia and they’ve lost power 6 times in the first 4 months


How long does the food in my refrigerator last if I loose power? You only have 4 hours before most of the food in your refrigerator starts to go bad! Clicking on this link to print out and read a modified version of the USDA’s Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency.