Even though I was never a Boy Scout, I have often lived by the Scouting motto “Be Prepared”. Chance favours the prepared mind in another favorite quote of mine.

When I first started driving in my 20s (city slickers don’t always need a car), I would always have an emergency bag in my trunk including a zip locked bag of dust masks, some of those $5 REI emergency foil sleeping bags, tools, and etc. I had a chance to test out one of those $5 emergency sleeping bags during the Geminid Meteor Showers. I drove two hours out of the city to a dark sky site at 2am on a cold winter night. I saw hundreds of meteorites and used that blanket all night long to stay toasty warm. I didn’t realize it was 23 degree until the sunrise when my car slipped on a icy patch in the road!

So we’ll help you get started if your are new to Getting Prepared and if you are an ole pro, we might show you a new trick or two. Whether its one of those all too numerous Winter or Summer storms, Super Storm Sandy or a terrorist act that resulted in the Boston Lockdown, we have tips and reviews of stuff you’ll need to stock-up on before the next emergency.

I strongly believe in that phrase “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind”, and want to help you get prepared before the next stormĀ (weather or not).